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Our Story

Nestled in Portland, Oregon, "Best Friend" is more than just a mom and pop juice cart—it's a testament to the enduring power of love and community. Founded in 2015 by Chan and Margaux, two service industry veterans turned soulmates who first met at Crema Cafe, this charming establishment expanded into a full-fledged cafe in 2020, just before the pandemic struck. With the unwavering support of their friends, they transformed their dream into reality, serving up Chan's expertly brewed coffee and Margaux's delectable pastries with a side of warmth and hospitality. Beyond crafting culinary delights, Best Friend is a heartfelt expression of gratitude to their community, where every cup poured and every pastry served tells a story of love, perseverance, and the timeless bond of friendship. Step into their welcoming embrace and experience the magic of Best Friend Cafe, where strangers become friends and every visit feels like coming home.

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